Shikoku Canada

The Canadian Shikoku Ken Club is a Not-for-Profit Society registered in British Columbia Canada.

Our Mission:

  • To promote the responsible breeding and owning of the Shikoku dog in the Americas
  • To distribute information about the breed to potential Owners, Breeders and Judges
  • To present the Shikoku at Canadian Kennel Club events, displaying good sportsmanship and presenting the breed in a manner that gives credit to the breed

The Shikoku, the Shikoku Ken, the Kochi Ken, and in ancient times the Tosa Inu; no matter the name, the Shikoku you may encounter is like no other dog that you have met. Innocent, feral, calm, athletic, playful, tenacious, primitive, intelligent, cautious, elegant, faithful, simple, and reserved, the Shikoku is a living example of the Samurai code.

Shikoku colours

Kochi Ken, the dog of Kochi; the native hunting dog of the Kochi prefecture on the island of Shikoku, is today called Shikoku and is a Natural Living Monument of Japan.