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    About the Breed

This breed goes back to medium-sized dogs that existed in Japan in ancient times. The Shikoku was bred as a hunting dog, mainly for hunting boar in the mountainous districts of Kochi Prefecture. It is sometimes called "Kochi-ken" (ken = dog). There were three varieties of this breed-Awa, Hongawa and Hata-all named after the area where they were bred. Among them, the Hongawa maintained the highest degree of purity, because the breeding area was not easily accessible from anywhere. These dogs are tough and sufficiently agile to run through a mountainous region. They are characterized by their sesame coloured coats. The breed took on the name of the region (island of Shikoku) and was designated as a "natural monument" in 1937. > MORE ...


The Shikoku Standard

The Shikoku is currently shown in the Canadian Kennel Club in the Hound Group.  To read the standard for the breed select the link below.

The following document is in Adobe PDF  format, if you do not have Adobe Reader, please use the link to the right to download it for free.

Shikoku Canada Releases Judging Information on CD 

Shikoku Canada recently completed production of a short “Power Point” presentation entitled Introducing the Newest Member of the Hound Group: The Shikoku: A National Monument of Japan.

This CD provides background information about Shikoku dogs as well as a copy of the FCI and Canadian Kennel Club Shikoku Breed Standard. The CD is intended for Judges and Dog Fanciers interested in a more in-depth knowledge of the breed. Interpretation of the standard and pictures showing common faults are included on the CD.

The CD is a compilation of information sourced from interviews with and information submitted by Mr. Kadota Chief Judge of the Nihon Ken Hozonkai (Nippo) Club, Mr. Kan (breeder) Ehime-Ken (Shikoku Island) Japan, Chieko Sugiyama (breeder) Madrid Spain and Katja Weber of Akashima Shiba Inu & Shikoku Kennels.

The CD is available for a small donation fee. 

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