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Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Shikoku.  Please select the Questionnaire link and complete the questionnaire and we will forward it to our member breeders who will be sure to get in touch with you.  (Submitting this questionnaire does not obligate either part to the purchase/sale of a Shikoku.  It's purpose is to determine whether a Shikoku is the right dog for you.)  Please be honest in your answers and provide your full name and contact information.




Please Remember!

Shikokus are a breed that is not meant for everyone.  Please be sure to read the information on our ABOUT THE BREED page.

If you eventually purchase a Shikoku, you owe it to yourself, your family and the breed to research the background on your future puppy.  Do not be afraid to ask about the health of the sire and dam of the puppy.  Do not be afraid to ask to see health certifications such as OFA clearances and ACVO (American College of Veterinary Opthomologists) or CERF eye exams.  Do ask what the health guarantee is on the puppy you may purchase.  Most breeders do offer a comprehensive health guarantee. Know the facts before you purchase a companion that will be a part of your family for 10 to 14 years.  Please feel free to contact Shikoku Canada for any further information. 

Again, Thank You for your interest in the Shikoku


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